Holzbacköfen Wolfshöhe

From a master hand, for a master hand.
We are the fireclay specialists: For more than 160 years we have made it our business to produce refractory fireclay of the highest quality to provide you with well thought-out, practical solutions.

Whether furnace fireclay, ceramic chimney pipes or shaped bricks for heating appliances - you are in the best of hands with us.

Chamotte is a natural material - fired according to the Wolfshöhe Purity Law: We only use clay, water and fired clay, nothing else. Nevertheless, the production of chamotte is a complex and costly process. It takes at least 14 days from raw material preparation, mixing and storing the mass, shaping, drying, firing and final inspection.
The desired material properties are obtained by selecting suitable clay types and using them in a certain mixing ratio.
We attach great importance to ensuring that our fireclay has optimum thermal and mechanical properties depending on the application. By means of round-the-clock quality controls in our own laboratory we always ensure high quality.


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